Hidden Valley Waterfall

Hidden Valley Waterfall

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Something I despise...but someone's gotta do it.

I finally broke down this weekend (after saying for MANY weekends that it needed to be done) and started cleaning my apartment. I had two tables cluttered with school stuff, old receipts from traveling, junk mail, and any and everything you can think of. I managed to clear one whole table, and part of the second. I was also successful in completing all of my laundry (minus the sheets on my bed, but I am going on vacation this weekend, so I'll change them before I go). I organized my tv stand (electronic pile of stuff), packed my suitcase for this upcoming weekend getaway, and did some school work. Oh, and I did 2 loads of dishes. One load had been sitting there all week. The second batch was what I used today. Normally, I'd let them sit all week as well.

I am a self-admitting slob. I am not a dirty slob, but a cluttered one. You'll find dishes in my sink, but they aren't covered with food.You'll be unable to see my table tops, but it's all paper related, never food or anything like that. I do think there is a big difference between a clutter slob and a dirty slob. Even as a clutter slob, the dirty kind drive me nuts!

I am finally getting my apartment back in order, with the intents of hiring another Ayi, which is a housekeeper. I had one before, and my apartment looked much better. But, she was unable to work during the week and I didn't want to continue with weekends. But, how will an Ayi know where anything goes if she comes in to find it all over. So, this week, the goal is to finish cleaning off the second table, keep the dishes clean, and keep my laundry done - or at least IN the dirty hamper instead of on the floor where I tend to drop it and let it go. Sadly, the pile is RIGHT BESIDE the hamper. Yep, I am that bad. If I ever settle down in a relationship, it will need to be with someone who is much neater than I am. Otherwise, we're in big trouble! LOL.

Once I accomplish this goal, the second one will be to get a new Ayi hired quickly, so my apartment stays clean. I always used to say my goal in life was to make enough money to hire an Ayi. I am so glad that is a reality for me now. Thankfully, living in China allows it to happen. I couldn't afford one most other places.

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