Hidden Valley Waterfall

Hidden Valley Waterfall

Friday, May 9, 2014

Guilin and Yangshuo - more of the China I like

We recently had Labor Day here in China, which meant a 4 day weekend for us at school. A group of friends decided we'd all head to Guilin and Yangshuo - two cities about one hour away from where we live. Guilin is a hub for travel to other places, such as the country side of Yangshuo. There were 11 of us in all. We did some things together, and some things apart. It was a very enjoyable weekend. It was yet another trip to two cities that I found to be more enjoyable than the one I live in, due to the people I encountered.

Ok, this isn't something new, but I finally got a picture of it. Anyone need a balloon? LOVE this!! 

Along the Li River, these small bamboo rafts attach to the passing-by cruise/tour boats to sell the fresh fruit. You see the men scale the outside to reach the upper floors as well, as they are not allowed inside. 

Just a peaceful view along the river. 

Ah, one of my many irritations - Hello Kitty. This ADULT had this balloon with her. And no, they were not selling them on the boat. It was brought along with her. 

The above shot is the landscape (minus the flag and boats) that is on the back of the 20 rmb note here. 

There are children on the left,who had just come out of the water. And, there is a water buffalo crossing in the area as well. That's good 'ole country living! :) 

The picture above is the view from my hotel restaurant in Yangshuo. It was so peaceful and relaxing. 

Hmmm...translation failure or something odd I haven't learned about yet? 

This is Moon Hill. It was nearly 800 steps to get to it. And not a gradual incline either, but rather steep. I was out of breath by the time I got to the top!!

My face is still red in this shot....after relaxing about 5 minutes. 

A view outside of Dragon's Cave

This was inside Dragon's Cave. It was very commercialized, but I love underground areas, so I wanted to check it out. 

Above is a shot of West Street. As you can see, it is a busy shopping street. Yes, I went through it AND found some cute things. :) 

Maybe I should get these for my mom and me?? Just kidding. I do not believe in matching outfits at any age, unless you are twins or in a wedding party and being forced to match. 

This adorable couple was at the rice terraces. 

As far as you could see - rice terraces. It was very intriguing. 

These ones are being flooded for this year's crops.

They are cooking rice inside bamboo shoots. It had a nice smokey flavor.

Whoop! A day at the rice terraces. 

Above: working on her weaving
Below: carrying her harvest down to the village

I know that I sometimes complain, as it is human nature. But I also realize just how incredibly lucky I am to have the experiences in life that I have. I would not trade them for anything. 

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