Hidden Valley Waterfall

Hidden Valley Waterfall

Monday, April 21, 2014

Zhuhai - another girls' weekend

A friend of ours plays in ultimate Frisbee tournaments and asked a few of us if we wanted to tag along this weekend. It is part of China, so it wouldn't require much in terms of customs, etc. We figured why not. I'm always up for a weekend vacation. I was pleasantly surprised and also realized something important. The more I travel to other cities in China, the more I realize how much I dislike the one I live in. Other cities have people who are friendly, more educated, and more mannered. Fortunately, my overall opinion of China improves with visiting these other cities. And that is good. Because if I were just basing it on my experiences here, it wouldn't get as high of a rating.

This is along the coastline of an island off Zhuhai that we hiked a bit.  
Below:  You can't see the man, but there is one, using his feet to turn a wheel that lifts a net in the water.

Then, this young boy goes out and scoops what they have caught in the net with a smaller net on a long pole.

You can rent bicycles and travel around the island. There is even a designated bike path. :) 

Below: This is the entrance to the Hollywood International Film and Television Culture City. We were not allowed in. Hmm....how to get inside for future reference....

Above: There were several of these tractors. There is a large engine on the front that is not covered. Then, a seat, and a small trailer of sorts on the back. Interesting. 

Below: the fishing village

We passed this along the way on our ride. The Peking University Experimental School. I wonder what they are experimenting with. Or, on? 

In the fishing village, there are lots of opportunities to buy dried fish. 

This cute lady is who we rented our bikes from for the day. I also bought a seashell necklace from her for only 50 cents. 

When we went for lunch, only 6 items had pictures. Needless to say, I did NOT order this for lunch. Rather, I wanted to share how common it is to see these on menus. The nice thing about being an adult is that I can eat whatever I want. So, on this day, I had greens and beer. We tried to order rice also, but there was some communication error and we only got the veggies. 

I did, however, eat one of these things with eyes. ONLY because I didn't see the eyes at first and had no idea what I was eating. I still have no idea. 

We grabbed a tuk-tuk that already had two people. They were more than happy to share with us though. 

Ah, yes. My first sunburn of the year. I was smart enough to put it on my face and ears, but not on the rest of me. My chest is the worst. This "adorable" farmer's tan is mild compared to the chest. 

Had I wanted to buy an Army man, I'm glad there were options. 

Despite some questionable food, we had delicious dumplings for breakfast on the last day. They do not get any fresher than this! 

A HUGE pet peeve of mine: IF you are going to use the USA flag as part of your clothing, at least have it hanging in the right direction! UGH! If were were to do that to other countries' flags, there would be all sorts of hell to pay from pissed off tourists. Just sayin'.  

And lastly, while visiting the underground mall (which is huge), I laughed while taking in some of the fashions. This necklace...well, it was just one of the many things I looked at and thought, "Really? Someone wears that?"  And then it occurred to me that back home, people like the Kardashians or Lindsay Lohan make this type of tacky jewelry popular. Maybe that's where the Chinese get their inspirations. LOL.

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