Hidden Valley Waterfall

Hidden Valley Waterfall

Sunday, October 6, 2013

First vacation of the school year - Malaysia

Well, after the ups and downs of having stomach ulcers and starting another hectic school year, I was ready for my vacation to the wonderful South Asian country of Malaysia.   We landed in Kuala Lumpur on Saturday afternoon, after a very rough start. We heard it was a three hour time to cross the border and I was afraid that I was going to miss my plane. I did not, but that kind of stress first thing in the morning is not cool!

Our hostel in KL was great. It was Explorers Guesthouse and Hostel. The location was right between Chinatown and Central Market. These were two shopping areas that we would take advantage of later on. We had originally made plans to meet up with some other friends at the Sky Bar that night. Although we hadn't been able to get in touch w/them, we went anyway. It was a nice bar! The pictures below are the pool inside, as well as the Petronas Towers at night - the best view from the bar.

Unfortunately, the others didn't join us, but Gaby and I had a good time. We had a long day of travels, so we didn't do too much, but we did head to Chinatown after the bar. Like China itself, there were tons of handbags, watches, glasses, and shoes - all knock offs and ready to bargain. I wasn't impressed with the limited options. It wasn't as good as the night market on Temple Street in Hong Kong - which I plan to go to this month. :) 

 The next day, we went to the Petronas Towers in the daylight. Inside is a wonderful mall, with lots of shops that I am familiar with. There was also something else that brought back "home" (If you know how much I love food, you'll know by the pictures below).  Unfortunately, due to stomach issues, I didn't indulge. But, it made me feel good just to be around it.  And, here are pictures of the city from the 87th floor of the towers.

The next day, we went to the Batu Caves. I was expecting more cave-like (indoors), but that wasn't the case. It is an out-door Hindu temple, within the cave surroundings. It was nice, but not as expected. There was another cave called the Dark Cave that you could go in with a tour guide. However, it is home to one of the world's most rare spiders. I have NO desire to go into anything that houses normal spiders, let alone rare ones. haha.  There are monkeys that roam around here as well, as part of the cave houses a rain forest area. They were cute, but desperate for food from people. 

We would return to Kuala Lumpur for another night before flying back to Hong Kong, but we used the rest of the week to go to Langkawi Island (see additional blog). But, here are some random things you don't see everywhere! :)

 Head covers for the Muslim community

An Indian food buffet on Food Street

Really? Your underarms show signs of aging? 

Notice how the woman is much larger. She is obviously not Asian. ;) 

Love the metro art work!!

Who doesn't need fish flip flops? I mean, come on! 

 Is there where hookers shop?? 

 Durian is "stinky fruit" that smells horrible. I am glad to see our hotel did not allow it! 

No beer and no making out...geez...no fun at all.

One food I was not tempted for. Not sure why.

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