Hidden Valley Waterfall

Hidden Valley Waterfall

Sunday, September 22, 2013

There's a typhoon a-comin'

Every time I hear of a big storm approaching, I can't help but think of a Golden Girls episode where Sophia says that "there's a hurricane a-comin'".  She says that is how you say it when it's a big one. Lol.  So, I use it now for our approaching typhoon. We are already experiencing rain and winds, but so far, nothing we haven't had before with just a regular storm.  Taiwan was supposed to get hit with it hard. Then, Hong Kong will take a hard blow of it if it doesn't weaken much. Then, what is left over will get us on the coast of mainland China.

I'm not incredibly worried, as it is only categorized as a yellow, which is the third level down out of four levels. I do anticipate some good thunderstorms later this evening. And since I have a large living room window, watching the storms is quite amazing. I can watch the lightning crack down through the tall apartment buildings.  And an added luxury is that we have off work tomorrow because of this!!

I have completed my online check-in for this weekend's departure to Malaysia, so tomorrow, I can finish packing. :)  I hope all those getting hit worse than us are safe though. And I hope we really don't get much more, as the flooding is always a mess. China is NOT known for great drainage systems.

So, off to watch some shows, and maybe, just maybe, do some studying for a course I am taking.

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