Hidden Valley Waterfall

Hidden Valley Waterfall

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Temptation is not winning. I am!

So, a month later (just about) from being diagnosed with 7 stomach ulcers, I am winning the battle of temptation. I know that it will take serious time and effort to fully heal. But, it is SO hard to not give in to those yummy things you love. You think, "Oh, just a little won't hurt me."  But, it can. It does.

Last weekend I had Korean food with a friend and just a tad of a mustard sauce on the one roll we ordered was enough to upset my stomach for a few hours! So, yesterday, when I was faced with the most temptation since all of this started, I resisted powerfully! First, I attended a baby shower. There were all sorts of delicious pastries and cupcakes, salads, and so much more. However, I stuck to some veggie sticks and picked carefully through the fruit salad to just have the watermelon.

Then, after dinner at home (tuna fish and cucumbers on crackers), I attended a social gathering for our school. Now, I am on the social committee, so it seemed only right that I be there. And I wanted to see some friends I rarely get to see. The event? A pub crawl! Oh, there were featured beers on sale at each bar, and a lot of them were Belgium beers. I love Belgium beer!! But, I kept my water bottle full and trucked on.

Lots of friends who know me, but didn't know about my stomach, were like "What the hell is wrong with you? Why aren't you drinking?" I had to laugh. Oh, they know me well. But once I explained, they felt sorry for me and praised me for my willpower to be out with them at the bars without drinking. And while it was hard for me, the hardest part was seeing the food people ordered. Oh, I miss bar food too!! But, I do not miss being in pain. I do miss sleeping sitting upright, because I cry when I lay down. I will continue to fight the temptation, because I know that it is worth my well-being.

As we hit the last bar, and everyone was getting settled into that "comfortably numb" stage of the night, I went ahead and headed home. I had fun out, but I was ready to be done. I was getting hungry and knew I couldn't eat at the bar. I had fresh cantaloupe here at home. :) I guess the one good upside to all of this is that being on a strict diet has caused me to lose weight - weight that crept on last year and didn't need to be there. So, I am currently down about 10 pounds. I could afford to lose more, but I am happy where I am at. However, being restricted for a few more months may be beneficial for that extra weight loss. Although, I have never been one to worry much about being "skinny". It is relative to one's own perspective and level of comfort in your own skin. And I'm pretty happy in mine.

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