Hidden Valley Waterfall

Hidden Valley Waterfall

Saturday, May 18, 2013

One week closer

Well, here it is, Saturday night. Yep, I am at home and it feels good. I ran all day today. I started with chores at home (laundry, dishes, cleaning up,etc) up until lunch. Then, after a quick shower, I met a friend for lunch. We enjoyed the conveyor belt sushi. :)  See, there is a restaurant in the mall by me where the plates come around on a conveyor belt and you just pick the ones you want. The plates are color coded, so when you are all done having some of this and some of that, they tally up your different plates for the bill. If there is something you really want, but it isn't on the belt, you can also use the menu to order it. Such a great place! The food is really good too. Most of what I get isn't really sushi, but rather vegetarian, but sometimes I add in some fish. Today, my palate didn't go past the crab meat.

After lunch, we did some shopping. I am in the market for a new bathing suit, unfortunately, but who wants to try one on after lunch? Hell, I hate trying them on ANY time, but particularly after eating. I just wanted to see what was available and at what cost. I found two I may like. My friend picked up some things, and then, off to dessert. We had frozen yogurt. It's a place where you pick your flavor (about 6 to choose from), then add what toppings you want. I added fresh strawberries and blueberries to my plain yogurt and oreos and peanuts to my mango flavor. YUM!!!

Now that we were stuffed to the max, it was time for a massage. Kerry likes the deep tissues ones. I am TOO sensitive for that and prefer the oil-based relaxing ones. So for a bit, we parted ways into our different areas of the spa. 90 minutes and a full body massage later, I was feeling awesome! I need to keep going and get the same girl so I can get her trained just right. By the end, she was perfect for me. I almost dozed off once, but didn't. lol.

After getting massaged, we went back to Kerry's to relax in the air conditioning, as it is very hot and humid here. On the way, we stopped and I picked up a hula-hoop. I have been wanting one to work out with. This one is rather hard (as in material being hard plastic), and not exactly what I wanted, but it's a start.  Then, within an hour of being at the house, back out for dinner! We went for Korean. It was so spicy tonight and so hot in the restaurant, that I was literally dripping. Not an attractive thing while eating. Luckily, I couldn't see myself. I couldn't even finish my food b/c it was too spicy. I've had the same thing several times before and never had it that spicy. :( I was bummed out. I couldn't eat it all.

After dinner, we stopped to get ice cream. My mouth was still on fire from dinner. Well, it tasted good, but we had to practically inhale it b/c it was melting so fast! What I remember of it was very tasty. I'll try it again when I have more time to enjoy the flavors.

Now, I am home, after some visiting with Kerry. I am relaxed and full. My sinuses have had a busy day being outside, face down on a table for a while, and in and out of different temperatures, so my breathing is a bit labored tonight. I plan to use some nighttime sinus meds to help get a good night's sleep tonight. Overall though, today was a great day with a great friend. And, since the week is about over (and thankfully the work week is), I'm one week closer to my summer vacation. Only 34 more days to go until I head out on my 47 day travel extravaganza.

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