Hidden Valley Waterfall

Hidden Valley Waterfall

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Seriously? It's May!!

Yet again, the dreaded sinus monster has struck me and I am home sick today with my third sinus infection this year. I feel like my head is going to explode. Sinus meds are not working. All I do is sneeze, blow my nose, feel stuffed and repeat the process. I was worried this would happen when my acupuncturist went on vacation. I expected to see her before a month though!

Unfortunately, she was away, and then was not taking patients. I should have gone somewhere else to keep up with it. I am not kicking myself in the rear for not doing so. I had this weird loyalty to her, which shouldn't be, and I waited for her to get back. I finally will see her today, and boy oh boy, do I need help. My ears are plugged, my nose is stuffed, my eyes feel like they are being pushed with needles and my headache is enough to drive you nuts.

While I am out, I will go to the pharmacist and pick up some meds as well. Here, you don't  have to go to a doctor to waste money and be told what you already know. You just go to the pharmacy, tell them your symptoms, and get meds over the counter, quickly and inexpensively. That is a plus. Between my acupuncture and meds, I am hoping to be cleared up soon. We have a field trip planned for Wednesday to a park. I can't imagine being outdoors for two hours with the sinus build-up that I have right now. I'm so light sensitive at the moment, that I have the curtains drawn on my living room and am avoiding the natural light, which is sad, b/c it is a gloriously sunny day. And it isn't often we get them, so I wish I could be taking better advantage of it.

Next year, I hope to be more adjusted to China (as well as continue with acupuncture) and avoid these horrid infections that make me want to chop off my own head. Until then.....

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