Hidden Valley Waterfall

Hidden Valley Waterfall

Saturday, May 4, 2013

A great day for volunteering

Yesterday, I was up bright and early to go help get ready for a fun day of mini-Olympics. The event was called Kidz with Hearts and it was helping to raise money for Captivating International, which is an organization that helps Chinese children to rise out of poverty through sponsoring children, fundraising activities, and more. I was more than happy to help, as supporting a good cause is never a bad thing.

I was a minder (Group Leader) for the smallest kids. I had 5 and 6 year old ones. We were supposed to have 9, but due to a change in the event (postponed the first schedule time b/c of rain and had rain in the forecast this time), we ended up with only 6 in the group. Two adults and six kids was definitely a manageable group. Oh, and parents followed along, so we had more than enough eyes. Unfortunately, I had to use my teacher voice with the parents and not the kids! Sad, but true.  Only one child didn't want to listen and as soon as most of the events were over, they left. It was his mother that needed the teacher voice as well. Go figure.

The day didn't start so well, as it rained for about the first 15 minutes. Luckily, it was a very light rain and people handled it well. We got out umbrellas and rain coats and just stood around waiting it out. Once it stopped, the rest of the day was sunny and hot! :)  I enjoyed being out in the sun all day. I was also glad I remembered to take my hat with me, so I avoided a burn on my scalp.

The events the little ones participated in were: a bean bag toss, a ping pong race where they carried them on spoons, a hulu-hoop game where they had to steal bean bags from each other to win, basketball shoot-out, soccer kick for points, an obstacle course, a standing long jump, a three-legged race, and then, at the end of the day, everyone participated in a race. The only thing I can think to suggest for next year is that the race be the first event, as many kids were hungry and eating before the race, which meant belly aches for them. :(

I didn't have my own camera with me, but hopefully photos will be posted online soon and I'll then share the link. It was a great day, but by the end, I was very tired! I came  home and treated myself to a nap. I then ended my great day with an amazingly good meal with two very dear friends here. It's days like this that truly lift the spirits and make you realize the things you do have value. I'm so lucky I get to do them.

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