Hidden Valley Waterfall

Hidden Valley Waterfall

Friday, April 26, 2013

The excitement is growing ... slowly

The other day, someone asked me if I was excited about my summer travels. I replied that I was anticipating them, but the excitement has not reach an elevated level yet. That will come when there is 30 or less days to go, but right now, still nearly 60 days.   I am definitely looking forward the amazing experiences I will have traveling some very intriguing countries. But right now, I have SO much going on for work that I do not have the energy to be excited about much else.

With the spring concert, report cards, assessments, lesson plans, observations/evaluations, and so much more, I just don't think about vacation during the week. And by the time the weekend rolls around, I am too darn tired to think about much of anything. Next week, I am excited about tie-dying t-shirts. I've always loved this project and it is super fun to introduce little ones to the wonderful world of tie-dye. I want them to think it is the coolest thing ever. :)  I did it last year with preschool kids and it went well. This year, I am hoping for the same. As long as the weather cooperates to be outdoors, it'll be just fine. I will only have two at a time, while the others are running around playing, burning off extra energy! Now, if it rains, as it has been most of April, then it will be a bit more challenging, but I will make it work. If all else fails, they LOVE movies, so I'll entice good behavior with a movie. I admit it - I am not above bribing my students. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do! haha.

So, I figure, if I give myself one thing per week to be excited about, it'll help my weeks go by. And then, in 8 short weeks (hopefully....this week felt longer than a month!), I'll be ready for my extravagant summer travels. Yep. Only 8 more weeks before I explore 8 countries. I guess I am more excited than I think!

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