Hidden Valley Waterfall

Hidden Valley Waterfall

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Macau - China's "Vegas"

This week, we had off work for a few days. A friend and myself went to Macau and Hong Kong. Macau is known for gambling. It is like a very miniature Vegas - Chinese style. And although neither of us are gamblers, we decided to go check it out. There is lots of history here, involving Portugal. Bear in mind, we are in April, which means the rainy season here has started. We had lots of overcast, drizzly, foggy days while on vacation.

Our hotel was absolutely beautiful. It is one of the older ones,with the area's first casino (or one of them...can't remember right now..). It had a lot of up and down reviews about it online. Most of the negative ones were about who outdated it was though. I didn't care. I wanted to stay here. And I am glad we did. There were several entrances into the hotel. Here are some shots of different ones. This is the Hotel Lisboa.

After we dropped our bags off, we began to explore. The city is very mixed with old relics and new architecture. And while lots of cities have this, it's very obvious here. In one shot, you see the canon used to fight off invaders, with a brand new pineapple-looking casino in the background. There are two parts to Macau. There is the main area (peninsula) and another smaller island. We only made it around the first part. It is small enough to get around very easily though on public bus. 

A very European feel here...

All over the island, there are lots of colors...

This is our room view during the day

A lot of stuff is in Portuguese. It was nice to see something different. 

This is our casino at night. I love the colors!

One of the many churches here. 

 The only thing left of a former church - the facade

Foggy day, but those are casinos in the distance

My favorite shot from the lighthouse

I enjoyed my few days in Macau. There are things we didn't get to see, but it is easy enough to get to. We can take the ferry to Macau from where I live in Shekou. It is about an hour. Some day, I may go back. I will wait until the rainy season has passed, so I can see more of the city. 

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