Hidden Valley Waterfall

Hidden Valley Waterfall

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

I may need to rethink learning Chinese...

I had an ingrown toenail removed last weekend. I will spare you the disgusting pictures of it, although I am tempted to gross you out. It isn't that bad, but looks worse due to the iodine stuff. Anyway, it's been a rainy week and I can't wear normal shoes, so I hired a taxi to take me to and from work daily this week. It's costing me roughly $5 per day, and keeps my toe dry and well protected while it heals.

So, this driver is cute. I say this with some shock to myself, because there are not a lot of men here that I find cute. Not that they aren't attractive in the face, but there is something about super skinny men that just doesn't do it for me. This guy is small, but not super scrawny. He talks to me daily, but I have NO clue what he is trying to say.

Well, it started on Monday. I had my guard call a taxi for me. Of course, they use their friends. I am fine with that. I then had one of our secretaries at work call and arrange for the week. It was raining on Monday, so he took me into the garage entrance, so I would not get wet. He has picked me up and dropped me off there since. After two days of not having the code to get in (my access card does not work for some reason), he made it a point to get the punch code for me so that I would have it from now on. How sweet! He asked me if I was a teacher (as I always carry by backpack). I said I was. He now says, "Good morning, teacher" when he picks me up. Seriously. This guy is just adorable!!

So, I am getting a bit sad that our time together will be over soon. I am considering an extra week, just so I can have the luxury of the ride in the rain (because I'm sure it'll still be raining) and I can still see him. :) The doctor did say to keep my toe clean and getting it wet in flip flops (can't wear normal shoes yet) here is just disgusting. You have NO idea what is on the sidewalks here. Hmmm....I bet my doctor would encourage the taxi. At least in my head, I want to believe that is the case. Maybe, just maybe, it's time I learn how to say a few more words in Chinese.

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