Hidden Valley Waterfall

Hidden Valley Waterfall

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Field trip frustration

I finally get the ok on the price. I finally get the letter out to parents. Then, it all changes. The place we are trying to take our kids (I will refrain from mentioning to avoid repercussions) told us the end of Feb. would be a good time. Well, that didn't work for us. How about the first of March sometime? Sure they said. So, we planned. This amuzement type park has over 35 things to do inside. We selectively chose just 6 to take our kids to. We figured this would be easier. Well, not all 35+ are suitable for 3 year olds, so we made sure to plan for just the ones listed as such. On the day the letter went out, we get a call from the manager saying that two of the areas we want to visit will not work. One is just too popular and we would have to wait too long (shouldn't that be our decision though?) and the other is not suitable for 3's, despite what the website says. :( Hmmm....false advertisement. I was furious. My team was just like, "Oh, this is what happens here. No biggie."  WHAT?  I am not used to this nonsense.

So, we continue to try and rearrange our entire plan (after I had made graphs for the kids to chart their first and second choices, etc. and spent over an hour organizing groups on Friday), we then find out we can't take our lunches into the park as originally told. We'd have to buy lunch there. Um, no. I'm not paying x amount of dollars for your park AND your lunch. Especially after you took away two of our top 6 choices. Ugh.

We end up postponing this field trip (or cancelling all together) until a later date when we can try to arrange with the staff there to better accommodate 70-75, 3 year old children. So now, I have to send a new letter out to parents letting them know there has been a change of plans. The children will not be going. They do not nee to send in any money, etc., etc. We are in the process of trying to arrange a back-up plan. I know that I am the only one getting bent out of shape about this. Part of me is furious b/c of the false representation, and part of me is furious simply b/c my hormones are out of whack (thanks to customs holding my meds hostage for nearly 2 weeks) and I am in major "give me one good reason to bite your head off and I will" mode. :(  I'll start my good meds tomorrow and hopefully soon, be back to my normal self again, where I am much more able to control my frustration at the ridiculousness that happens. I'll keep you posted.

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