Hidden Valley Waterfall

Hidden Valley Waterfall

Monday, January 28, 2013

Sometimes, biting your tongue is necessary

We've all been there - in a situation that causes you to want to slap somebody. For a reason of them not listening, not understanding, not caring, or just downright being obnoxious. There are times, no matter how great you think your job is, that you encounter some of these situations. My biggest pet peeve (tongue biting cause) is when someone tells me how to do something "better" without not knowing to the full extent what I have been trying. I am completely open to suggestions. I am open to constructive criticism. But, before giving that, I think it is important to fully understand the background of a certain situation. Today, I bit my tongue a lot.

Ok, that is my work rant for the day. Other than that, I had a good Monday. The kids were relatively calm for a Monday, which means they were relatively well behaved. At one point in time, a student was doing something I had asked him to stop doing 5 times. I am not exaggerating, it was 5 times. However, he was so lost in his own little world and enjoying himself so much, that I actually just started laughing and moved on. He didn't see me laugh (that would be horrible to get him to stop it later), but I sure did. Sometimes, you have to laugh to keep from going crazy. It's a lot like biting your tongue. :)

I have had a lot of different jobs over the years. I've been a waitress, bartender, receptionist, office manager, social worker, special events coordinator, babysitter, radio dj and  probably a few others I am forgetting at the moment. However, no job has ever been more rewarding than teaching. Do I have days when I think to myself, "What the hell are you doing in this job?" - you bet. I think there is no way I can survive 20 some more years. But all it takes, especially on those "bite your tongue" days, is to hear "I love you Ms. Johanna". I melt. And then I know I can do it again tomorrow.

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