Hidden Valley Waterfall

Hidden Valley Waterfall

Friday, January 25, 2013

Picture it: Shenzhen, 2013

A young girl goes for a haircut. She's heard the place across the street is cheap and does a good job. She has seen their work and must agree, it doesn't look bad. So one Friday evening after work, she decides to give it a try. She took a picture of what she wanted. When she walked in and showed them her picture, she was immediately directed to the shampoo room. Here, she was able to get a deep scalp shampoo and conditioned head massage. Oh, it was nice.

Then, when the young girl thinks it is over, she is asked (via hand gestures) if she wants her arms massaged. She is uncertain, but goes along with it just for fun. This turns into a very nice arm massage. And when THAT was over, she was then directed to "roll over" as gestured by the nice young man working on her who spoke no English.  The young girl does as directed. Oh, how nice - a back massage!! It was deep tissue at its best. It was from the base of her hairline to the base of her buttocks. Yes, that is right. Much to her surprise, her butt was also massaged as part of the back deal. She wasn't going to complain. It not only felt too, but it's been a long time since a cute man has handled her behind.

When this is all said and done, she is then directed to go back to the main area, where she proceeds to get a beautiful haircut exactly as she desired. The young girl can't help but wonder if all of this was really going to be as cheap as she anticipated it to be. What if she didn't bring enough money? Would they allow her to go home and get more? The nerves started to go. This probably wasn't helping the recently massaged back to stay relaxed. Alas, the cut is over and it is time to pay the bill. The girl approaches nervously and waits while the young man who cut her hair punched the calculator numbers. Seriously?  There must be some mistake. ALL of that was only 59RMB? She thought to herself, "Damn, that's only $10!" Oh, how exciting. She paid, and even tipped her hairdresser, although tipping is not common.

That young girl was me, and the lesson learned is NEVER go back to a place that speaks English just to get a great haircut. My last cut cost me nearly $40 and DIDN'T come with the great massages of the back and butt.

And for those who do not get the layout, you are missing out. For those who get it, I appreciate you. :)

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