Hidden Valley Waterfall

Hidden Valley Waterfall

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Look for the right country

Tonight, some coworkers and I went grocery shopping at Metro. It is like a Sams or Costco, for those back home who weren't sure. It's not really close, so it requires a taxi to get there, which is why we go together - much cheaper. I spent a total of $5 there and back, compared to $13. Anyway....it was a successful trip for me.

I only had a few things on my list, and knowing that, I only took a certain amount of money ($100 to be exact). Those who know me WELL, know that I LOVE good wine. Hell, I like a lot of cheap wines too. But, China is NOT known for making anything that is easy on the taste buds in terms of wine. Well, not white wine anyway and that is all I drink.  There are international stores all over that I can shop for various wines, but often at prices that I do not want to pay. And, there is seldom my favorite - Riesling  So when I got to Metro tonight, I headed straight for the alcohol section. Not only was I able to simple read the countries signs and head straight to Germany and France, but the selection was unbeatable. I didn't have just one or two whites to choose from. I had several! I bought a Riesling from Germany and a Sauvignon Blanc from France. I know that they will be good. You can't go wrong with French wine and Germany seldom disappoints as well, and never in a Riesling. And both were under $15. So, with those two items in my basket, I was happy. Everything else I purchased was just icing on the cake.

The other things I do love going to Metro for are chicken nuggets. They sell Tyson (written in Chinese, but you know the logo) nuggets for only $5 a bag. Overall, I ended up spending just shy of my allotted amount and came home with a good selection of items. And all it took to make me happy was finding the right country. ;)

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