Hidden Valley Waterfall

Hidden Valley Waterfall

Friday, December 7, 2012

Not quite the same

Last year, I was preparing to spend Christmas and New Year's traveling. I would not be with my family, but yet, it felt more like Christmas. The weather was ridiculously cold (I was in Kazakhstan), and everyone had the holiday spirit it seemed. This year, things are just not the same. The weather is sunny, although does have some chill. And while there are Christmas decorations all over the city, they just seem "out of place". Or, maybe, it is just me.

I am planning to spend three weeks in Australia, where it will be summer. Now, having spent four years in Texas, I understand warm Christmases. I remember the first time my folks came to Texas for Christmas to visit me and they were wearing just sweatshirts and couldn't believe how nice it was. I get that. But, actually summer? This is going to be such a weird experience.

I'm working on wrapping presents today, all the while working on packing for the beach. Oh, and if things are odd enough, I do not have any tape at home. So, it is ok to use a glue stick to wrap presents with, right? LOL.  It is working, so why not? I do not see the point in buying tape for the very few presents I need to wrap. Luckily, I can just send most of them home and my wonderful mother will wrap them up for me before giving them to the rightful owner. And for this, I love her very dearly. Ok, for lots of reasons, but this is on the list. :)

I have one more week of school to get through. And I sure can't wait until Wednesday. That is our school's holiday concert. Do you know how hard it is to get 14 three year old kids to sing and dance while staying in one spot, especially those with special needs? Boy, oh boy, has this been the week from hell with rehearsals. I can't wait to see them up there, all cute, and then be done with it until next year. Wednesday afternoon is our Hanukkah party, then Friday is our Christmas party. I expect to eat lots of goodies!! Besides, that is the only thing that feels normal right about now - putting on my holiday weight! hahaha

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