Hidden Valley Waterfall

Hidden Valley Waterfall

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

It's about time!

Let me start by saying this as nicely as possible: China is not well known for their amazing customer service. It is not uncommon to be ignored at a counter or have someone answer a cell phone while checking you out. Oh yeah, that one about sent me into a furry. Seriously? You can't wait another two minutes and call them back? Damn.

Anyway, every once in a while, you find a friendly merchant. For example, where I get my pictures framed. He is a very nice man who went out of his way to help me get my enormous tapestry back home after I had it framed. He even paid for part of the taxi driver (who happened to be a man on a bike hauling a flat card behind him)! So, this post could have been written for him a while back, but I didn't. My bad.

Tonight, I had another encounter with amazing customer service. I went to the photo store, about 10 minutes before closing. I ordered 10 prints and then 14 colored copies of something. Each one is not copied, but actually printed off in color.  Well, there was no way it was going to be done tonight. I understand that a little ink-jet printer can only go so fast. And, the photos would not be ready until tomorrow either. Here is where the shocker came in. The man asked if I worked at QSI up the road. I said I did. He then told me that he would deliver my items to me tomorrow during work! I was shocked. Now, to be fair, he did charge me an extra $2 than he should have. But, that means I can get the prints laminated tomorrow, instead of having to rush to do them on Thursday. They are going home Friday as part of a special project. So, having them tomorrow to work on is so nice! I am very willing to pay an extra $2 to have them brought to me. Hell, I would have paid more. But, for him to offer that service was above and beyond. And for that, I am grateful.

So, there is some exception of customer service here. It is just unfortunately, far and few between the experiences. Tonight though, I'm a happy shopper. :)

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