Hidden Valley Waterfall

Hidden Valley Waterfall

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

I turn my back for one minute....

I have never said teaching preschool was easy. Hell, most days, I think "What did I get myself into?" I love the kids very much, but they definitely wear me out! Today, I had one of those "Oh my, oh my, oh my" moments. I wasn't even sure what to say.....while they were supposed to be washing their hands, I had one that decided to shampoo another kids hair! Yep, sure did. One of my little guys was completely suds up with hand soap in his hair. While I took the "hairdresser" to time out, my para washed out the "patron".

Did that really just happen in my room? I was dumbfounded. What on earth would possess them to do something like that. Then, it dawned on me - they are 3 years old and they are boys. Not to sound sexist, but the girls in my class would never do something like that! I know my girls. Granted, there are lots of other things I do not put past them. But, this would not be one of them. So, for a while, we are on soap dispensing duty at school. The kids will be given ONE squirt of soap for their tiny little hands, and we will be on hand to make sure that their hands are indeed the only things being washed. It is that time of year - wrapping up report cards, rehearsing for winter concert, indoor recess due to weather - that makes you want to scream. I am SOOOOO glad that I only have 8 more work days until vacation starts. I will miss my kiddos, but I am pretty sure the warm sand under my feet will help to ease the pain. :)

Until vacation sets in, I've got to grow another set of eyes, an extra pair of arms and hands, and one more lap to handle the behaviors, cuddlers, and everyday craziness that is indeed preschool.

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