Hidden Valley Waterfall

Hidden Valley Waterfall

Friday, November 2, 2012

They make breaks for a reason

Yesterday, while walking home from work, I witness one of the most inexcusable episodes of pure "dumb-ass" behavior that I could have.  First, there was a young boy, maybe 8-ish, that ran across the street from his adult guardian. I never know if it is a parent or grandparent, so going with guardian is just safe. Anyway, this boy was being yelled at, as he was running across a busy street. He was turned back looking at the guardian and laughing. Stupid act #1: running across busy road and not looking.

Well, coming up the road was a women on an electric scooter. She could not have been going more than 10 miles per hour, as the light had just turned. She proceeds to yell at this boy, who never turns to look at her, and then "screaming like a girl" (annoyingly, and yes, I've heard men do it to). She keeps slow, but keeps veering to the right, trying to go around this boy without having to stop. Seriously? You realize they make breaks for a reason!!! And then, if he is not looking, why would you keep veering into his path, instead of steering to the left and trying to cut behind him? Stupid act #2: not using intended breaks when you see a potential accident about to happen.

So, the results of this:  the woman ran into the curb and fell off, but no damage. The boy, still not looking at the woman on the bike, runs right into the bike (scooter). Ugh!!! Neither of them got hurt, but both of them deserved a good "talkin' to". I just couldn't believe how careless both were.

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