Hidden Valley Waterfall

Hidden Valley Waterfall

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

It's that time of year...

This week has been a very messed up one, to say the least. My old para's last day was Tuesday, and my new para's first day was Tuesday. I'm sad to see one go, but the new one is very nice and seems good with the kids. But, it is my kids I am worried about. It's that time of year when everyone is getting sick. The weather is changing, snot is all around, and I have yet to have a full class this week. Which, isn't such a bad thing (smaller is easier), but I am still worried about the little tykes.

Monday, I only had 9 of my 13. Tuesday, I had 9. Yesterday, I had 10. As of now (Thrs. morning here), I have at least one still out sick, but think the others are returning. So, will have 12 of the 13. I guess it was a good week to ease my new para into our classroom! My kiddos are definitely a handful, that is for sure. I know how miserable I was when I was sick though, and to be three and out sick..that is so much worse.

The parents have been amazing though - updating me along the way. Back home, it was rare if you knew a child was going to be out sick. And it seemed my kids were never sick (good for their health, not my sanity).
I also appreciate how the parents here actually keep a kid home when they have a fever, or are up in the middle of the night and are tired in the morning. Again, not used to that back home. Why would a parent miss a day of work when they could send their child to school and let the teachers deal with it? I hated that. Getting everyone else sick is NOT beneficial, but so many parents just can't "afford" to be at home. Here, not the issue and it is great to know the kiddos are able to rest up and get better.

On the bright side, today is Thursday, and that means, one day closer to the weekend. Then, only 6 more weeks until vacation. I can do this! As long as I stay healthy as well.

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