Hidden Valley Waterfall

Hidden Valley Waterfall

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Anxiety is rising, as is fear.

It is nearing the elections, and I have had increased anxiety and levels of fear. Yes, I am very aware of the economic situation my country is in. I am very aware of the level of unemployment, homeless, etc. I'm also very aware that it did not all start during the current presidency. Has he been all sunshine and roses? No. But he has done amazing things for the country, when not being pushed against by others. He has done what no body thought he would - acknowledged all Americans as equal human beings. It was not that long ago when our country refused to allow Blacks the same rights as Whites. And women had to fight for their rights as well. And while there is still discrepancy in our society, things have improved. And now, President Obama acknowledges that same sex couples are important, just like everyone else. And why shouldn't they be?

So, why is this such a hot topic for me? The question is: Why isn't it a hot topic for you? I bet every one of you know someone who is gay, whether through work, friends, or family. They go to work. They pay their taxes. And they follow the same laws as the rest of us. But because a religion says it is wrong, people want to discriminate? There are LOTS of things in the Bible that are not done today b/c of the realization of how wrong it was. And yet, people hold tight to this.

A dear friend of mine is in same sex marriage. He fell ill and needed surgery and chemo. Yet, his husband wasn't allowed to be with him in his time of need. President Obama is working to make that right. Another dear friend just had a baby with her wife (yes, same sex couple) and they cannot both be listed on the birth certificate. Romney actually refused a birth certificate to be issued for a child born to a same sex couple. Is that child not going to be loved? Is it not going to get a wonderful upbringing? You have no better guess at that if the child had been born to any other set of parents. Facts prove that same sex relationships last longer (esp. marriages) than straight couples (percentage wise), so there goes the theory of "gays ruining the institution of marriage".

And now, with the scary possibility looming of a new president that wants to force women to be victimized all over again if raped, well...it is almost too much for me to handle. I shudder at the thought of women being raped, forced to carry a child, possibly develop severe depression and or suicidal actions...all because one man said so. Again, leave the religion out of it. You have no idea if the person sitting next to you at work, on a bus, or at the mall is an Atheist, but you wouldn't dare ask them. We assume all people think the way we think. Well, that isn't the case. And while you may not like how some people think, or agree with the choices they make, they have the right to do those things. Equality is not an option in life. I do not understand how this does not bother more people.

As you read this, you may be one of those people who is getting pissed off at me. You may think I'm one of those "pig-headed Dems" who has no clue about anything. I respect your opinion of me. It's your right to have it. But when you vote, remember that you are not voting for just your opinions. You are voting on all mankind. Some say the grass will be greener on the other side. Please, be careful what you wish for. Me personally, I am frightened at the idea that our country will take a step backwards in civil rights. If Romney is elected, I will not bad mouth him. I will not "threaten to leave the country"...haha..already did that one., but I will be scared for millions of Americans. I hope one of them does not end up being you.

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