Hidden Valley Waterfall

Hidden Valley Waterfall

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Of course I am thankful

It is the beloved American holiday, where people literally eat until they can't eat anymore. Then they nap, get up, and eat again. Thanksgiving has arrived! Now, all month long, I've seen friends on Facebook posting what they are thankful for each day. And while I find this to be very sweet (recognizing your good graces), I find it to be very annoying that they only think they can do that during the month of November. Seriously? How about a random post when you realize how lucky or blessed you are about something? That would be more inspirational to me than seeing you "have to think of something daily".

I have blogged several times about how grateful I am for the life I am able to lead. I am thankful for the opportunities to see the world, being able to travel with my mom, having the friends that I have, and being able to wake up each day knowing I have a job that I love (despite the many headaches it gives me).

And while I used to love Thanksgiving as much as the next person, it has become a saddened holiday for me.  This was my dad's birthday. And while I am glad he is resting peacefully, I miss him terribly. I miss our small family meal. I miss him always fussing that he had to make two batches of potatoes b/c I refused to eat smooth ones and he refused to eat lumpy ones. I miss him fussing that he had to make two gravies, b/c I do not like turkey gravy and prefer brown gravy. And while he's fuss, he enjoyed it. I know he did. He allowed me to be "spoiled", so technically, it was his fault. haha. I am very thankful though, for the time that I had him in my life. The times we had great talks late at night when I would come home from the bar. The times we laughed over breakfast when mom had to work on Saturday mornings. So, yes, I am thankful today, despite the huge pain of missing my dad. I have the most amazing mother, some of the world's best friends, and a life that is hard to complain about.

Today, and every day, cherish your family. Tell your friends how much they mean to you. And be thankful for each moment - good and bad. Every memory is valuable one.  And try not to eat yourself into a comatose state!

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