Hidden Valley Waterfall

Hidden Valley Waterfall

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Are you kidding me?

I get it. I'm not in the States anymore. I understand that sometimes, you have to just accept that things are different. And for the most part, I think I do a really good job with that. I am appreciative of the cultural experiences I get and I am learning to live without all of the conveniences that I had before. But, when I am told no, when it is simply a yes situation, that pisses me off.

Tonight, I wanted to get some pictures printed out for school. It was only 7pm when I went and most places are open until 10. I was told it could not be done tonight. Why not? The machine is RIGHT THERE. You can pause that show you are watching on the computer. So, I agree to wait until tomorrow and leave. I proceed to go around the corner to the Kodak store. *The first place was independently owned.  There are two people working. Well, one seems to be doing something. The other was just sitting and talking to him. I told her I would like the pictures tonight. Was that possible? She said sure. I asked how much the total cost would be. It was nearly double!!!

When I asked why, she said, "You want them tonight."   AND? Your point is what?  You just have to put the USB into the freakin' machine and hit print! You aren't developing them yourself. You are not having to adjust colors, etc. You simply just need to print! But, the customer service here is not what you would expect either. Had I shown up at 9:30 at night, I could see them saying come back. But, with HOURS to spare, seriously? I was utterly mad. Of course, on the way home, there was not a taxi around, so I took the bus. Then, walked the remaining section from the bus stop. A man on a bike stopped right in front of me so his friend could get off. He got a few choice words, of which I know he understood one of them. It is so real how one negative thing can set off a chain of them. I know, I shouldn't get that mad, but having to take the bus to and from the place tomorrow, with walking to bus stop, etc. will be another hour or more of my time. When they could have printed the damn things out tonight. Times like this, I'm really missing the independent machines in places live CVS, Walgreens, etc.

I'm going to bed early, to avoid anything else irking me. *** I just had another paragraph written about something that's upsetting me, but realized that I am in a very bad mood and now is not the time to appropriately address my frustration in a healthy and respectable manner, so I deleted it. But, it will come soon!

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