Hidden Valley Waterfall

Hidden Valley Waterfall

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Glad I cleaned up some first

My apartment walls cracked when the construction settled. I was told that is normal and no big deal. Well, the paint cracked as well. I didn't care. It wasn't that visible unless you were looking directly at it. The landlord didn't want to bother painting it and I was fine with that. Then, a change of plans. The company that did the construction was responsible for any repairs until a certain date. That date: the end of this month. So, the landlord requested that it be repaired.

I told them not to come too early, so I was able to get up and have breakfast in peace. I am glad I got a tad bit of a cleaning bug...I finished up laundry, washed my dishes, swept the floor and picked up some stuff (not all, but some). I'm so glad that I did. The landlord showed up with the painters, which I was not expecting. That doesn't always happen back home. I am glad he's not seeing my apartment fully a mess. He may have thought I was the slob I actually am. Haha.

I did tell him I liked my apartment and asked if I could keep it next year. He said yes. Of course, this was done through Google Translate. The only thing he said in English while here was "Thank you". It's too bad he doesn't speak more English (or me more Chinese), as he is very cute. And, he owns property! ;)

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