Hidden Valley Waterfall

Hidden Valley Waterfall

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Diwali Ball - celebrating India in China

Last night I attended my first Diwali Ball to celebrate the Indian culture of good beating evil. The event was held at the most beautiful hotel I've seen here so far - the Shenzhen Marriott. The room was elegantly decorated (which I could not help but love the fact that tables were done in black and gold!), and everyone was in ultimate social mode.

The announcer was a very nice man named Sunny. I learned something about Indians though. When asked to be quiet and have a seat, they keep talking and standing. Social interactions proceed everything else. Even my friend who invited me and is Indian pointed this out. I said that Sunny just needed to get the "teacher voice" and they'd listen. haha.

The night's entertainment was the children. They danced, sang, performed skits, and the littlest of them all just showed off costumes. It was adorable, but very lengthy. There were 47 acts! Luckily, my student (whose parents invited me) was number 19. He was adorable! Of course, I am biased. Each child who performed though got a gift, so that was very nice for them.

When it came time for the dinner, I was thrilled. I love Indian food. It is spicy and does not love me, but it tastes so good. I had Nan, Butter Chicken, grilled fish, rice, samosas, and yummy desserts! Oh, good food. :)  I wish I could have that more often, but less spicy on the Butter Chicken. I played with my student, Yash. I drank some beer, made some new friends, and just took it all in for what it was.

I am so grateful I get to experience so many cultural things while traveling. It is one of the greatest perks of traveling the world. Yes, I could possibly go to this event back home, but the chances are more slim. Overseas, you know you are going to get amazing opportunities to learn about so many other cultures - first hand.

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