Hidden Valley Waterfall

Hidden Valley Waterfall

Monday, November 12, 2012

Unlikely hiding place

Here in China, cockroaches are not uncommon. You see them in the streets, in apartments buildings, and disgustingly enough, in restaurants sometimes. The city must have sprayed, or done something the other day, as they were out and about. This week, I have found two in my apartment.  One was in the laundry area, which has out outdoor window. The window was closed, so I am not sure how he got in, but unfortunately for him, he's dead.

Then, there was the utter shock of "how in the hell did you get in there?" that I experienced the other day. I opened my freezer to get out chicken nuggets and there on the rubber strip that seals the door, was another roach! I jumped, and somewhat freaked out. Then, knocked him onto the floor with a spatula and beat him with a flip-flop until I was sure he was not going to move again. Seriously? In my freezer?? EWWW.

So, now I am a tad hesitant to open ANY door, afraid of what I may have scurry towards me. I did buy Raid and sprayed all around. I will keep an eye out and if they become a serious problem, I'll ask the landlord to have the apartment sprayed professionally. When construction of any sorts is going on, they also move into new environments. There are renovations going on in my building. I sure hope they end soon!

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