Hidden Valley Waterfall

Hidden Valley Waterfall

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Missing work, as odd as that sounds

Yes, I know my kids drive me nuts and the job wears me out, but I've been sick this week and having to miss work and I feel horrible about it! I hate missing work due to being sick and I miss my kids. I hate wondering all day how they are doing, are they able to communicate with the sub, and are they behaving?

I have worked through many of illnesses. Hell, I even worked through a migraine and bribed the kids to be quiet and leave the lights off. I've suffered through. But, yesterday, all I wanted to do was cry. I had no voice, and each time I tried using it (impossible not to in preschool), it made my head hurt. So, by the end of the day, I had a migraine that went through the roof every time I coughed or opened my mouth to speak. And my body was starting to feel the strain as well. So, I went to the doctor after work. I have pharyngitis. The doctor also wrote me a note and said to rest for 3 days, with as little talking as possible. For anyone who knows me, you can imagine how much I hate that order! Today, I only talked when someone called to check on me, which was about 3 sentences, then again at the dr.'s office. I am doing nebeulizer treatments. Tomorrow is my last one. She wanted me to increase them, but I do not feel any effects from them in my chest or throat, I just get lightheaded. So, I opted out of that. I'll finish what I paid for, but no extras.

Luckily, my amazing coworkers are pulling together and taking care of my class by helping the sub, preparing all the materials she needs, etc. I have to do nothing but relax and get better. Boy, are they getting treats on Monday!! :)  I am so grateful to have them watching out for me. Every so often, I think that I do not matter, but that I am just a drifter in this world, not really making much of a difference. And then, things like this happen in my life and I realize how truly blessed I am to be making a difference in lots of lives all over the world. And they are making a difference in mine. My mission is not to find one place to settle down, but to continue experiencing the world and the people in it, leaving footprints along the way. I love my life. (I'm pretty sure being sick, missing my mom, etc...gets me into those funky moods of negative thoughts.)

Now, if only I can get my voice back quickly. I am NOT missing any more work next week. And luckily, it's a 3 day week with kids, an extra day of parent conferences, and then a day off!! I do not mind missing work when I am supposed to. I just hate missing it when I do not want to.

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