Hidden Valley Waterfall

Hidden Valley Waterfall

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Knowing is half the battle

I took my first sick day of the year today. My sinuses are working me bad and I practically had no voice. The day before, it came and went, but it was consistently not there today. I couldn't teach like that, straining my throat all day. And the coughing is making my throat burn. So, I took a day off. I did not call in for a sub though until I went to work. Silly? Maybe. See, we do not have a huge sub list to go around and I wanted to make sure there was a sub available. If not, I would suffer through the day, b/c I want things to be as easy as possible for the kids.

Anyway, they had one. She came in around 8:30, when students started arriving. I waited around to tell the students I was leaving. Some got teary-eyed (not kidding!), and some had shocked looks, as if they just couldn't understand why I had to go. One, in his shock, looked at his dad for answers. His dad said, "Ms. Johanna has lost her voice, so she is going home."  The student, with big brown eyes of sincerity, replied, "I will find it for you, Ms. Johanna."  My heart melted. Seeing the kids upset about the idea that I would not be with them was good. Not that I like to see the tiny tots in misery, but on the days when I think I am not getting through, having a hard time getting them to listen, etc....today made me realize that I am getting through in at least one way. I am connecting and building a relationship. They were not happy I was going. So, although the meds are not working as well as I hoped, I am going back to school tomorrow. If I can't talk much, well, they can't get hollered at as much for being in trouble! haha. ;)

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