Hidden Valley Waterfall

Hidden Valley Waterfall

Saturday, October 20, 2012

At my wit's end

It has been a week and I still have limited voice. This is nuts. I hate that I can't talk, cough a lot, and get tired so easily. Ugh..Damn sinuses. And yes, that is the root of the evil. I have had chest x-rays and blood work, and I am fine. It is purely pollution based sinus trouble. I knew China would be hard on me, but damn. I didn't realize how hard.

With that in mind, I contemplate how on earth I'll be able to survive two years here before I can ask for a transfer. Do not get me wrong, I love it here, and would like to stay even longer, but how? Well, at this point in time, I am willing to try anything. I have heard that acupuncture is something some other folks that suffer here try. And it helps them. So, I just emailed the dr. to make an appt. for this weekend. I need to try. I need to do whatever I can to cause some relief to the constant struggle that it has been lately to talk and breath normally.

I am truly at my wit's end with frustration. Why can't I just lost my sense of taste or something. Then, I could eat healthier foods, like liver! Haha. No, in all seriousness, I do not want to lose anything, but right now, losing my patience with this sickness. So, here is to hoping that this weekend, I can get in to see the dr. and get started on a plan of action to help reduce my congestion that is taking over my life at the moment. And, if I can remain positive, I only have 8 more weeks until vacation to sunny Australia. So, that will be 3 weeks of a break from the pollution here. Yay!

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