Hidden Valley Waterfall

Hidden Valley Waterfall

Monday, October 15, 2012

Please, let this get easier

Here it is, our 7th week of school, and I am still overwhelmed. Granted, we had a week off between weeks 5 and 6, so that didn't help. I absolutely love my kiddos, but they are a hard bunch to get a good grasp on. Between some behaviors, language barriers, issues I can't control at home...it's a mess. I am literally dragging by the day's end, each and every day.

Today, I no sooner got done saying, "Hands to yourself!" when one of the ones I said it to tackled another kid, just "hugging" him. Oiy. They are so full of piss and vinegar!  Ok, I have used that expression for years, but what does that really mean? Who came up with such a dumb saying? Writing it down made me realize how stupid it sounds. Anyway, back to my chaos....

11 three year olds is a lot of energy. Two are on vacation, so whey they return next week and the week after, the kids will have to "catch up", so I'm sure it will not settle down anytime soon. I have 8 more weeks (including the remainder of this one) until our winter break. Can I make it? Can I survive 8 weeks with the constant struggle of trying to maintain a classroom that doesn't seem to be maintainable? I hope so. At least the warm sun and sand (and a definite drink in my hand) will be earned come vacation. It probably doesn't help in the least bit that I am dealing with some serious chest/sinus issues here in China. I knew it would be a challenge for me, but I really wanted the chance to live here. So, I must deal with it the best I can. I have some good cough syrup to help break up the cough.

So please, keep me in your thoughts. When you are having a bad day and think it can't get any worse, think of me and my room full of "bulls in china cabinets". haha...

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