Hidden Valley Waterfall

Hidden Valley Waterfall

Friday, September 14, 2012

Opinions turned around

On the way to work this morning, I saw several parents and grandparents carrying the backpacks of the young children as they took them to school. I see this all of the time and it never fails to bother me. Why can't they carry their own backpacks? How spoiled are these kids? *Rewind to Kazakhstan last year, where I saw drivers of students doing the same thing. I do not get it. How lazy are they raising their children to be? And how disrespectful to think your elders should do the work for you.

I often get flustered in my own classroom as well, when a child will not pick up his garbage and throw it away, because he has a nanny at home that always takes care of that for him. Aaaahhh!! But, I lovingly let them know I am not here. I do not clean up after others unless it is a good reason.

So, as I am getting home this evening, and feeling quite horrible due to possible bronchitis, I had my opinion questioned. A young boy was ahead of me in the hallway. I heard him getting on the elevator. When I got there, I did not see that a door was open. This boy, whom I had assumed would just get in and go, had actually seen me behind him and waited for me. He stood there, holding the button, and peeked outside of the door to let me know it was still there for me. I was very grateful. I thanked him and smiled, but he had little response. Most children I encounter will not engage with me unless they understand some English. Either way, I was thrilled I did not have to wait. And life once again showed me that you can't assume parenting techniques that are different from how you have or would do it are wrong. Kids can still have respect for others. Just one more culture thing I do not understand, but now, no longer feel the need to question.

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