Hidden Valley Waterfall

Hidden Valley Waterfall

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Chiwan Tianhou Temple

I am still learning my way around my own area, but today, I wanted to venture out and see more of what China has to offer. A friend and I decided to stay semi-close to home, because we do not have our passports back from the visa office yet and you just never know. Our choice was the Chiwan Tianhou Temple.

Now, this temple is only 2 subway stops away, so traveling to it was a breeze. When we got off and exited the metro, I think we were both surprised. What was this place? A temple is HERE? The city is known as the "industrial zone" and it shows. There are cranes and construction everywhere you look! How could a peaceful temple rest among this?  We got directions and began walking. Luckily, it wasn't that far of a walk - maybe 15 minutes. Then, there it was. A temple, nestled between a petrolium oil company building and construction sites. The entrance was the pagoda style you would expect. It was 15RMB to get inside, which is roughly $2.35 in USD.  Once inside, it was so peaceful, so serene. There were huge incense pots outside the main Goddess' temple and the smell was overwhelming for someone with sinus problems. Although, it wasn't as bad (pungent) as I would have thought.

The temple itself had many areas though, with beautiful, colorful designs and statues. It was quite quiet inside and you forgot you were in the middle of a unattractive area.

I hope to see more of this throughout my time in China. :)  

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