Hidden Valley Waterfall

Hidden Valley Waterfall

Monday, September 17, 2012

Appreciation from both ends

Today, one of my wonderful parents came into the classroom to talk about Rosh Hashanah. Nearly half of my class was celebrating this holiday, so it only seemed fitting to share and learn with our friends. The parents brought in music, honey cakes, apples with honey, coloring pages, shofars, and kippas. The kids had  a good time learning about it, and those who are Jewish had a good time understanding what was going on! (Most of them do not speak English yet.)

About 20 minutes into the event, the mom who came said she had no idea how I did "it" (managing 3 yr. old kiddos) all day long. I smiled. I told her it definitely has its challenges, but the good moments far outweigh them. She said she could never do it. I was very appreciative of her honesty. It is nice to hear that from parents, instead of them thinking that what I do is a cake-walk. I was also very appreciative of her and her time, as all teachers love a "break" from the daily grind to enjoy new stories and yummy food! I believe our mutual respect and appreciation for each other is going to carry us a long way this year. I also plan on using the mommies for arts and crafts volunteers, as an extra set of hands with 13 little ones is always a plus - especially when cutting or gluing!

So, my Monday was a great Monday as far as Mondays go. Now, if the rest of the week can follow suit, I'll have one hell-of-a-good-week! I hope you all do the same as well.

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