Hidden Valley Waterfall

Hidden Valley Waterfall

Saturday, July 14, 2012

A tad closer to "home"..

I've been in Virginia for a week now, and have been much happier and more at ease. After four years here teaching, it has become more home to me than most other places.  I have been running ragged between friends and places, trying to see everyone. Unfortunately, I'm not able to spend as much time with some certain people as I would have wished. I can only hope they forgive me and truly understand that just because I wasn't with them in person, I'm always with them in spirit. I was able to see some former students. I was also told by the parents how greatly I was missed here. Being told you made a difference in a FAMILY (not just the child's life) is a huge compliment. That is why I teach - to make a difference. And when you are reminded of your successes, it fuels you for another great year ahead. :)

I've been to my favorite restaurants, seen as many of my closet friends as possible, and on my last day here, spent the day in a pool and hot tub! Ok, ok. I spent the day in the hot tub. I have Raynaud's and get too cold too easily. Luckily for me, the hot tub was running and kept me enjoying the day with my friends for HOURS. And, all that warm water and jet pressure sure relaxed my muscles! Oh, I will sleep well tonight. :)

So, as I prepare to leave VA tomorrow, I am sad to go. Part of me wants to spend the summer here. But, San Francisco and NYC await! I know I'll have fun on my other trips, but this one was definitely a great trip. Thanks everyone in Virginia who helped make it a great week!

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