Hidden Valley Waterfall

Hidden Valley Waterfall

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Gamblers are nice people

My best friend, Sharon, and I went to the casino yesterday for her birthday. She had never been to one, and I had only been to one once, but didn't gamble. I just enjoyed the drinks and food. We walk in and are immediately out of our element. We had no idea where to start, how it worked, etc. I mean, yeah, you put money in slots. Or, so we thought. Things have changed. This casino is coin-less and you must insert bills only, or your cash-out coupons from the previous game. We began by finding a cashier to get change. I wasn't about to put a $20 in a slot machine. Then, she told us to go to another area and get a reward card. By using this card, you earn points that will get you free parking, money off at the cafes, etc. After we signed up, we started on the slots. Now, they go from 1cent to 1 dollar. We did the 1 and 2 cent ones. But, if you want to play all 20 lines, at 2 cents a line, it adds up fast. When we sat down, we were discussing how it worked, what we should do, etc. A gentleman sitting next to me asked if we needed help. We explained it was our first time and he went over all the "rules" of playing w/us. He told us about max bets, how to win jackpots, increase odds, etc. He was super helpful.  I was doing well, but Sharon wasn't.

So, we proceeded to wonder around and try out various slots. She took one shot at a roulette table (per request of a family member) and lost. But, while there, the guy running the table explained things and was nice. After some more slots, and just as we were thinking we'd leave, her boyfriend convinced her to play Blackjack. When we sat down, only two others were there, but they soon left. The dealer then took the time to help Sharon understand better when to bet, double-down, etc. He was awesome. Some other players came along, and they were also helping her!! Since you are only playing against the dealer, they were so awesome in helping her to take a hit or hold. I was amazed at how everyone was so willing to help someone else learn and get ahead.  So, at the table, not only did she make her money back she had lost, as well as my parking money, but was up. Then, like so many others, went back down. At least we left when she broke even. :)  Overall, it was a good day. I didn't break even, but didn't gamble much. I am still not sure how people do that all day.

Oh...crazy thing...while there at Blackjack table, a man walked up, put $300 down on ONE hand and lost!!!  I couldn't believe people risk that kind of money on ONE hand!!! This is one addiction I know I'll never have.

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