Hidden Valley Waterfall

Hidden Valley Waterfall

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Fear is not always warranted

This morning, I had an appointment with a podiatrist in order to remove an ingrown toe nail that had become infected and was causing quite some pain in my big toe. I had heard that the needle to numb my toe would be placed under my toenail. I then, despite better judgement, watched (well, attempted to) a youtube video of how it was done. There was so much blood and icky-ness. So, I was overly worked up, and even contemplated cancelling the appointment. See, I have had way worse surgeries and procedures in my life, but I've always been asleep for them. This was freaking me out! As I arrived, I was nervous. I bravely admitted my fears to the nurse who was very compassionate. She even offered to hold my hand. The doctor himself was very compassionate, and did not make me feel ridiculous about being afraid, as doctors have done to me before. No, Dr. Craig Lang was amazing. He told me exactly what my options were, what he would do, and promised that I would not feel a thing. He was right. After the initial pressure of the needle and the medicine going into my toe (at the base of it, not under the nail), I didn't feel a thing! :)

It's been a few hours later, and the numbing is worn off. Yes, my toe hurts, but it hurt before due to the nail. Dr. Lang assured me that this pain would be gone within a day. I hope so. Anyway, the point of this is that I was extremely afraid for nothing. I had myself so worked up that I almost stayed in pain. Then I thought about my preschool kids that I teach. Some of them are in a new country and trying to understand a teacher who speaks a new language. How can I help to calm their fears? I think it is the same thing I've been doing - being kind and loving. After all, the staff at the podiatrist office did just that to calm my fears. Being understanding and sympathetic (or empathetic if the case so be) is always an easy thing to do. And offering to hold a scared hand is never a bad idea, either. :)

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