Hidden Valley Waterfall

Hidden Valley Waterfall

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Of course it can't be easy

I have 5 days to go. Tonight, Snickers went for her last check-up at the vet and to get her health certificate signed, stating she could fly. I had called Lufthansa and was reassured all they needed was this form. Well, while at the vet, I am informed that I need a government approved form to take her HOME. I've been told it is really hard to get cats that are born here out, but my baby is American. So, I'm now starting to worry. OK. So, just tell me what to do and how much money you want to do it. Nope, not that easy. It seems that the process usually takes 2 weeks to complete. WHAT? For a form? My vet said I need to go to the office tomorrow (place where I get form) and explain my situation to them. She also said she would be willing to talk to them and help me out. BUT, there is no guarantee they will grant me this form in time to take her home. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? She is AMERICAN. Kazakhstan should have no reason to want to keep her here. I mean, they aren't huge pet people to begin with. The only country that should care about my documentation is the one I will be landing in - my home country!

Tomorrow, I'll go and see what I can do. I have some friends that offered to take her if need be until I can get it all figured out, but DAMN.  Why does it need to be this complicated? I thought I had called and gotten the right information, but obviously not. If my baby can't get on the flight, there is a good chance I will not get on it either. So, keep your fingers crossed that we both get to come home as planned.

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