Hidden Valley Waterfall

Hidden Valley Waterfall

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Forgetful already?

Oh, I used to be an amazing multi-tasker. I could manage a classroom with 6 different grade levels and 4 different subjects, and on occasion, did it by myself. I was neat and organized. I was on top of it all. Nowadays though, I find myself becoming more and more forgetful. It's to the point where I can no longer make notes to remind me of things, because I forget the notes! I have resorted to emailing myself important reminders and to-do lists, so that when I am at work and check email, I see it. Or, when I come home and check email, I see it. Either way, it's there.  How ridiculous is this? I know, as we get older, we forget things. But, I am only 33!  Should it be starting this soon?

I have an ever growing fear of the dementia and Alzheimer's that runs in my family. I do not want to end up like poor grandpa or Uncle John. I refuse to live life not knowing my own family.  I know, I am REALLY far away from that stage, but it still worries me. I'm not over-stressed or over-worked, so those are not good excuses for this. While I think I am still pretty sharp in some areas, my memory is definitely lacking lately. I plan to address this with my doctor this summer. If I am lucky, it's something odd, like a lack of vitamins or something. One can hope.

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