Hidden Valley Waterfall

Hidden Valley Waterfall

Monday, May 21, 2012

At the mercy of others

If you move to a foreign country and basically refuse to spend much effort, if any, learning the language, then who is to blame for you not understanding. AAAAHHHHH. I find myself in the position now of having to rely on others and it downright stinks!  I know, it is my own damn fault. I could have learned Russian. I could have made more of an effort. In my defense though, I didn't think I'd have so many problems with my poor cat! If I have to go to the doctor, someone at work is somewhat obligated to go with me, and to make sure I am not dying. There is no obligation to my pet though. Do not get me wrong, the office staff have been WONDERFUL in taking me to the vet, coming to give her shots, etc. But, she now has to go for another x-ray. And of course, there is no doctor there that speaks English. Heck, I think there may be two doctors in the whole dang capital that speak limited English. You would think that in a city (let alone a capital) that is growing with expats due to oil industries, etc., there would be a tad more doctors around to serve those of us who do not speak Russian.

Anyway, I am now looking for someone to go with me after hours (can't take cat while people are there) to get an x-ray for Snickers. The vet won't treat her without the x-ray. All I know is that I have 34 days to get her breathing someone normal so that she can survive a plane ride home. Then, she goes to a vet that has all the equipment needed in the office, as well as several trained staff to tend to my baby. Please, just let me get her home and then I can get her healed up properly.  She will not be making the trip to China with me. Once I have her healthy, she's gonna live with my mom and torment her and her cat. LOL.  But for now, both Snickers and I are at the mercy of those around us - those who understand more than how to order a beer.

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