Hidden Valley Waterfall

Hidden Valley Waterfall

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Even on good days....

My morning did not start out the best. Our entire building smelled like gasoline. We do not use gas, so we were  unsure about a leak or not. Here, it was the building next to us, which was causing our whole building to reek. In America, we would have been sent home or moved to another building. Here..."open the windows. It isn't dangerous".  Oh, ok. Thanks for the headache and nausea. I really appreciated that. But, the day got better as it went on.

I was finishing up some work when I heard our PTA person (here we call it PSG-parent support group) needed help finishing the silent auction baskets for our groundbreaking ceremony reception tomorrow. I volunteered to help her, b/c I know she needed it. Karma took over from there. As I was leaving (an hour after planned), one of our teachers in my building complex was leaving from play practice. He asked if I needed a ride. Upon telling him I had to go pick up medical records at the clinic, he offered to take me there too. :)  And, since I was just running in to pick up papers, he waited and brought me back home. Thank you!!!  Talk about perfect timing.

I came home, had a good dinner (made taco casserole) and snuggled on my couch with my cat, just relaxing. So, overall, a good day. Then, I watch a sad movie and cried. I see a friend's post and it's sad, so I cry some more. Before I know it, anxiety attack takes over and I'm crying over tons of stuff - stupid stuff. Of course, not all of it is stupid. I cry b/c I miss my dad. I cry b/c I am overweight (but damn, I love to eat), and then I cry b/c I am crying. AAAAHHHHH. Now, I am better and calm. It was a short attack..only 10 min. or so. That's good for me! I think it is short b/c I am willing to write about it, willing to admit it, and willing to own it. It is who I am and I am happy with who I am. It just sucks b/c my day was going so well and it was unexpected. Although I tend to love surprises, this isn't one of  them! haha.

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