Hidden Valley Waterfall

Hidden Valley Waterfall

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Downsizing - again.

When I moved to Kazakhstan, I brought 4 suitcases with me. I packed all my clothes, extra medicines, and all sorts of other things I didn't need to pack. Fast forward 10 months and I'm packing again to go back to the states this summer.  I have realized that I do not need a closet full of clothes if I only ever wear the same few things. I do not need multiple pairs of brown dress shoes. I do not need 10 bottles of shampoo and conditioner in my bathroom. Yes, this one is somewhat of an obsessive compulsion, but at least I admit it. :)  So, I am condensing.  I sold one of my suitcases. I am only returning with 3, AND shipping a box. But, in my defense, the box, AND half of a suitcase, is just souvenirs. No, they are not all from here. I bought some amazing wall hangings in India. However, I am proud of myself for getting down to just the 3 suitcases. I would like to someday be one of those people who only needs one suitcase for moving and only a backpack for a week-long vacation. I have friends who do it. They make it look so easy. Why can't I learn to be more minimal in my life? I mean, I can learn, right? Why do I have this need to have so much stuff? I also plan on going through my totes in storage this summer and again, making a large donation to Goodwill. After not having things for nearly a year, I realize how easy it is to live without some stuff. I have roughly 15 boxes/totes in storage between my best friend's house and my mom's. I would love to get it down to 6. And, of those 6, 4 of them are my elephant collection. There is no compromising on that. I've already gotten rid of all of the non-valuable or non-emotionally connected elephants in the collection, donating nearly 75 items. I do not intend to get rid of any others.  At least I have set a goal. I plan to work on it. Someday, I'll own a flat in Paris and I sure don't want to pay a ton of money to ship a ton of stuff I do not need in my life. After all, I can always buy more stuff in Paris! :)

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