Hidden Valley Waterfall

Hidden Valley Waterfall

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

School Science Fair

Today was our school science fair. All students aged 5-18 participated. Now, I had a lot of expectations going into this today, in terms of what I would see, b/c my elementary school back home did a science fair each year. I will say, that although there were some pretty awesome secondary experiments, these international kiddos had nothing on my southern kiddos back in Virginia.  I sometimes get wrapped up in the comparisons, and I have to admit that my old school was awesome b/c the teachers are awesome. Of course, there are always things we want changed, things we disagree with, fights with administration and each other, and just being worn down. But, I now know what an amazing staff truly is and I miss them. No, not enough to go back. ;)  Sorry guys, love living overseas! Just wanted to let you know you rock.

I did learn that cooked rice, when left in a baggie, will grow mold, "hair", and slimy goop. YUK. To think I eat that stuff. And Coke doesn't fully evaporate - it just becomes the syrup. Thank goodness I gave up soda back in 2006. So yes, there were fun things to see. It just wasn't "home".

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