Hidden Valley Waterfall

Hidden Valley Waterfall

Friday, March 30, 2012

Bollywood Movies...a different experience

While in India, I went to my first ever Bollywood movie. Wow. What a different movie experience that was. To begin with, they are 3 hours long! I wasn't sure I was going to make it through a 3 hr. movie. But, I was relieved to know there was an intermission. The movie was in Hindi, but the plots are pretty easy to figure out. And since there is a lot of singing involved, it was up my alley.

To start, the acting is on the level of say, Hannah Montana. I think it is supposed to be, but I felt like I was watching a Disney flick. Back home, you are expected to turn off your cell phone, remain quiet (except for the laughing, sounds of terror, etc.) and remain seated. This is NOT the case here. People sing along to the songs, they hoot and holler and whistle during funny parts, and call out lines ahead of time (predictable scripts). There are people of all ages, as this is a "family event" and people answer calls without a second thought.

While the movie was not that bad (I wouldn't sit through it again, but not horrible), I was so off-guard by this movie theatre behavior that I wasn't sure how I felt. Have I just been too restricted at movies all of my life? Or is that how it should be? Hmm....debate? I see the pros and cons to each way. But, at least I know that there is a different way to watch a movie now.

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