Hidden Valley Waterfall

Hidden Valley Waterfall

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Excitement is contagious

I am learning so much from teaching 3 year old students. I mean, my kiddos have always taught me things, but now, it's a new ball game. On Monday, I told them we were going to take a field trip to the aquarium on Friday. Each day, while going over our calendar and reviewing what day it is, they remind me of the Friday trip. Their excitement is enjoyable. I love seeing their little faces light up with the idea of seeing the sharks, and if they are lucky, a mermaid. **Side note: there is a woman diver who dresses as such and feeds the fish. As if this were not enough to make me smile, it gets better.

We went to the computer lab today. Let's face it - we live in a technologically advanced world (most of us) and it's never to soon to start. Surprisingly, all but one of my kiddos actually knew how to work the computer and maneuver around the website we were on. See, told you it wasn't too soon. Anyway, we were working on phonics on www.starfall.com - one of the greatest kid sights ever. And to see the excitement in the kids when they got something right. Or, just doing something all by themselves. They would yell out, "I did it!" or turn to us teachers with the biggest grin ever, as if looking for confirmation of doing a good job. Of course, we congratulated them repeatedly and gave high fives and thumbs us. They were truly proud of themselves and their excitement made me excited. I'm excited about what I can teach them next. They thrive on learning at this age. I am contemplating the endless possibilities of ways to engage them. I'm creating more hands-on activities than I ever thought I would be. And most importantly, I am excited about it. Sometimes, the teacher is the one learning. ;)

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