Hidden Valley Waterfall

Hidden Valley Waterfall

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Disappointed with the culture

There are many things that are different here, and many that take getting used to. Some I get, while others, just annoy me to the limits. This weekend, the cultural behaviors here disappointed me. Without implicating any certain groups or individuals, I will say that my school worked very hard to secure volunteers for something, only to arrive and be told, "We no longer need you. You can go home."  What? Who does this? Not only was it literally last minute that they asked for volunteers, but then to dismiss us like we were nothing. And yet, the locals were not dismissed.

It was a weekend full of chaos (not well organized by any means), and then, the disappointment of being rejected. Especially for something so close to my heart. Some of the locals that work for our school even said it is a cultural thing. She said Kazakhs are not known for planning things well, such as public events. And that seems so sad to me. Kazakhstan has a lot of potential and in a capital none-the-less. Of course this will not deter me from trying to volunteer again in the future. It is just one  more thing that I have to adjust to here. I find myself saying "this would never happen back home" a lot. Then, it occurs to me that I am not back home. I chose to come to a developing country. I chose to change my life for the unexpectedly good or bad. I now have to choose to accept the differences, no matter how much I do or do not like them. It's part of the experience. It's part of my new life. 

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