Hidden Valley Waterfall

Hidden Valley Waterfall

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Teaching: A multitude of jobs

As a teacher, I am expected to teach my students reading, writing, math, history, science, social skills, critical thinking, and the list goes on. Yes, things related to the education you receive in a school. But, what so many people do not realize is the "other" education you have to be prepared for. I am not just a teacher.

I am a counselor. When my student(s) are upset, I help them get through the problem they are facing. I am a comfort. When they cry, I am the shoulder they cry onto. I am an advocate. When they smile, I smile along with them to show my support. And when they need back-up, I fight tooth and nail in their corner. I am a nurse. I can make boo-boo's feel better with a soft touch and a band-aid. I am a magician. I can make lost books, agendas, pencils and gym shoes appear. I am a rational voice. When advice is needed, I am the unbiased voice to show the pros and cons of each side of a decision. I am a leader. When they are scared, I show them how to not be afraid. I am a coach. I happily stand on the sidelines (or recess lines) and cheer them on for each basketball game, soccer game, and dodge ball game.

I bundle them up for the cold, wipe noses, and dry tears from their cheeks. I tie shoes, heat lunches, and clean up spilled messes. I am a person who has the joy of seeing children learn, grow, and develop into amazing individuals. I am blessed to be surrounded with so many people who truly make my heart smile. I am a teacher.  And although there are days I struggle, days I wonder if I'm making a difference at all, days I just want to stay in bed....I still wouldn't trade it for the world. Because at the end of the day, I have the greatest job. I am a teacher.

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