Hidden Valley Waterfall

Hidden Valley Waterfall

Thursday, January 12, 2012

companies need better methods to communicate

Recently, I became the owner of a Capital One credit card. I'm pleased that it is the only non-international charging card, has a 0% intro rate, a decent credit limit, and allowed me to personalize it with the Eiffel Tower. :)  Unfortunately, I forgot to tell them I live overseas. So, when I used it today, it was alerted as fraud. Ok, great. They are looking out for me. However, when I tried to call, they would not accept my skype call. I do not have an international phone here at home. I emailed them to notify them, but of course, they will not accept that. I mean, it's ok that I can access my account online, use the card, make changes, etc., but they do not believe it is me emailing them through the secure message center? Come on. If your system allows me to access such personal information, including a detailed statement of where I spend every dollar, as well as adding other people to the account, they why on earth does it matter if you think I am someone else emailing you? I mean, I already have access to the account. I know, they are just "doing their jobs". But, when I am unable to call from home and have to use my work time to be bothered with something as trivial as confirming it is me here in Kazakhstan, I get irritated.

So, I want to take the time to give a huge shout-out to Wells Fargo. They are awesome about my communication via their secure message center and have been wonderful about my traveling - even when I notify them last minute that I'm at the airport getting ready to go to another country. If I can find time tomorrow, I'll try to call Capital One. On the bright side, the charge went through, so at least I have a flight booked - for now.

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