Hidden Valley Waterfall

Hidden Valley Waterfall

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Parents can make or break the joys of teaching.

Back home, we (teacher friends) would always discuss how parents wanted us to "raise" their children, just not educate them. It seems they came to school with lack of morals, lack of manners, and often, lack of common sense. I have NO problem teaching social skills, but why is it our job as teachers to teach simple responsibility and respect? I'm seeing it more and more in a private school. Children are spoiled and they are used to having no real consequences, so why bother to do what's right when you can get away with doing it wrong. For example, the incredibly bright preschooler who will not dress himself in boots and coat to go home, but sit refusing, until a parent shows up to do it for him. Or, an upper elementary student who roams the rooms as he pleases and acts like he is at home, ignoring most structure in place. Or, the secondary students who ignore the teacher when told it is time for class and keep talking. Or, walk to class, 2 steps per minute. I want to scream. There is only so much disrespect I can tolerate in one day. And, I do not blame these students, at least not completely. I blame the parents. Had these children been given structure and discipline at home, we teachers would not be struggling with it at school.

The good things out-weigh the bad things in teaching, but geez. The parents really do make a huge impact on the big picture. And for those parents out there who DO take the time to actually parent, "Thank You!" We appreciate it.

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