Hidden Valley Waterfall

Hidden Valley Waterfall

Monday, January 16, 2012

My principal wouldn't have stood for this...

There are so many differences between an international school and an American public school, that I can't even begin to list them all here in one blog. There are many things that I love about being in an international school. For example: smaller class sizes, mastery-based learning, and better lunches. (yep, bringing in food) However, there are many things I miss about back home. I greatly miss my Smartboard, the Wii, fast internet, technology gadgets, all classes in one building.......and so on. But, one thing is for sure - the parents are much different here.

Back home, if a parent threatened one of us, our principal had our back. He was a strong man who stood up for his employees. He knew we worked hard and he tried to always give us the benefit of the doubt. At least that was the case for me. I am sure some may disagree. But here, parents are in charge for the most part. And why? Because they are paying for it, that's why. It's amazing what tuition to a private school will get you. I won't go into too much detail, but I will say this: I miss my old principal, Mr. Morton. He made me believe in myself as an educator. He understood how emotional I was and rolled with it. He knew I had passion for my kiddos. Some days, I feel like I should go back to that. That security of knowing. But, I know those are just rough days. Most days are great. And, I do like it here. I like the challenge and the fact that I am exploring the world, both outside of school, and within the school (we have about 20 diff. nationalities represented). So, I will continue to smile and work hard. But, I'll never forget where I started - Salem Elementary, home of the Salem Stars. That's right, I'm a star! ;)

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